Our logo

The MTrading logo is made up of three key elements: the letter “M”, triangles and the purple colour (rare use – white). Each element is distinct and significant to the identity of the MTrading brand.



The Letter “M” – stands for motivate, mobilize and manage



Triangles – Like pieces of a puzzle, the interconnecting triangles represent the intricacies of Forex.



Purple – Combining the dynamism of Red and the calmness of Blue, Purple is recognized as the colour of good judgment, a character trait that is crucial for any trader.

Our logo is made of two parts

The MTrading logo is made of two parts, the letter “M” and the “Wordmark”.

Primary Usage

This is the strongest and clearest way to communicate MTrading externally.

Black and white version

These are black and white. Only use them if primary and secondary versions aren’t an option.

Clear space around logo

Clear space frames the logo, separating it from other elements such as headlines, text, imagery and the outside edge of printed materials. The X equals the height of the letter “M” in the text. The clear space indicated is the minimum. The X of the logo without typography should equal the X of the secondary logo composition.

Primary logo composition

Minimum digital clear space 15 pixels

Minimum digital clear space 15 pixels


On screen 

The minimum logo width for web pages and applications is 100px or 55px. Considering the screen’s pixel density is 72 PPI, the optimum width should be 150px or 60px.


In print 

The minimum logo width for print is 40mm or 30mm. 

The optimal width for A4 print is 45mm or 35mm. 


The logo in printed and online media should preferably be aligned to the right. Both primary and secondary logo variations may be used on documents. Alternatively, it is possible to align the logo to the left if necessary. 

Right-Top position of the logo 






Right-bottom position of the logo

Download logo files here

Here is a zipped package of the different MTrading logo files.


Primary colours

We use our primary brand colours for elements that reflect our outstanding brand. Each colour has a complementary dark colour. Whenever possible, use the lighter shades. 


On screen, we use hex and RGB values. In print, we use CMYK values or PANTONE.


CMYK: 80 97 26 13

RGB: 83 44 108

WEB: 532c6c


CMYK: 58 91 0 24

RGB: 105 44 121

WEB: 692c79


CMYK: 56 88 0 0

RGB: 133 67 153

WEB: 854399


CMYK: 42 86 0 0

RGB: 157 71 155

WEB: 9d479b


CMYK: 31 87 0 0

RGB: 177 69 153

WEB: b14599


CMYK: 11 81 0 0

RGB: 215 85 159

WEB: d7559f

PANTONE: P 80-11 C

CMYK: 8 59 0 7

RGB: 208 123 171

WEB: d07bab

PANTONE: P 27-10 C

CMYK: 0 23 36 5

RGB: 239 192 155

WEB: efc09b


CMYK: 0 10 22 0

RGB: 254 229 198

WEB: fee5c6

Secondary colours

To add colours to the Mtrading brand, you can use the corporate colour palette displayed below.


CMYK: 100 68 4 0

RGB: 0 85 183

WEB: 0055b7


CMYK: 100 26 74 13

RGB: 0 121 95

WEB: 00795f


CMYK: 2 54 100 0

RGB: 243 138 0

WEB: f38a00


CMYK: 0 0 0 0

RGB: 255 255 255

WEB: ffffff

PANTONE: Cool Gray 6

CMYK: 35 29 28 0

RGB: 169 168 169

WEB: a9a8a9

PANTONE: Black 6 C

CMYK: 81 71 59 76

RGB: 16 24 31

WEB: 10181f

Typography / MTrading font

Heading Typography

The MTrading primary typeface for headings, titles and straplines on printed and online materials is Gotham.


NB! Please note that it is not permitted to use this typeface for body text. If you can’t see Gotham font in your language, please use Open Sans as the primary typeface.

Body Typography

One of MTrading’s primary typefaces is Open Sans. The MTrading primary typeface for body text on printed and online materials is Open Sans. Open Sans is the typeface to use on all documents where Gotham font is unavailable or inappropriate. It prevents the documents from being reflowed and displayed in random default typefaces. Typical applications include letters, presentations, websites and documents.

Different weights of fonts

We use regular and bold for all headlines, in both digital and print. For standard communications, we use a combination of bold, medium,light and regular weights. But be careful with the number of type sizes and weights you use. This allows making a clear and efficient information hierarchy.


Black and thin font we use only in special cases to add an artsy look and feel.

Download font here

There is a zipped package of the MTrading font, Gotham Pro and Open Sans. You can use this on Mac or PC.


MTrading uses photography to communicate the brand with our audience. Hence, both in-house and purchased stock imagery must comply with the following:

    • Proper ownership of artwork copyright 

    • Photos used must be of high quality 


    1. Use only professional studio photos. 

    2. Subjects must be dressed appropriately in business wear. Do not use photos with people casually dressed in T-shirts, sweats, caps or othe head gear. 

    3. People on the photos must have a positive facial expression. No negative emotions. 

    4. The background must either be solid or blurred. 

    5. Use the Rule of Thirds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_ thirds).


These rules apply to stock photos. 

    1. People on the photo must be in real-life situations. 

    2. People on the photo must look natural. No artificial poses. 

    3. Use only professional photos. 

    4. Use the Rule of Thirds (http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_ thirds).


These rules apply to stock photos. 

    1. The landscape on the photos must be relevant and applicable to the region/country where it will be displayed 

    2. Use the Rule of Thirds (http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_ thirds).


These rules apply both to stock photos and to in-house photos. 

    1. The item(s) must look contemporary and of good quality. 

    2. The item(s) must be associated with a business-like environment. 

    3. The item(s) must be in focus and blend well with the background. 

    4. The item(s) must be easily recognizable.


These rules apply to stock photos. 

    1. The graphs/charts must be clear for the viewer. 

    2. The graphs/charts must contain a small number of elements that are easy to read. 

    3. Preferably use “positive” trend graphs, i.e. in an upward direction.

Choosing images

This is under construction and coming soon!


Example of our banners for various advertising campaigns:

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    • Partnership

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Download banner files here

Here is a zipped package of different MTrading banners files.


Our mascots were specially created to maintain corporate ethics. They help us convey complex topics in simple words. However, their use should be considered and applied only for banners and on the company’s website.

Download mascot files here

Here is a zipped package of different MTrading mascot files.


Here you will soon find our new business cards, our new PowerPoint presentation template, and our new document design templates.

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