About MTrading

MTrading stands for knowledge, confidence, and innovation. We equip traders with knowledge, best trading tools and terms available, along with innovative products and services, to empower them to make intelligent trading decisions.

Our Personality

  • Confident, informed, tech-savvy and future-oriented

  • Open, honest and willing to go the extra mile

  • Current and aware of latest trends

What do we offer?

    • For beginners, we offer the trading education and a simplified access to trading;

    • For experienced traders, we are happy to provide solid trading platforms and investing services, including the mobile versions;

    • For professional traders, we offer the best trading conditions, including high leverage and minimal spreads.
Worth also mentioning localized helpful support, webinars, education, partnership and investing opportunities.

Our look and feel

As MTrading, we portray ourselves as:

    • Bold: Dare to explore, think outside the box, and go beyond one’s comfort zone.
    • Ownable colour: Fresh and aspirational colors with striking accents.
    • Premium: Aspirational imagery denoting a financially secure lifestyle.
    • Deliberate: Success is in the details. Precision.
    • Contemporary: Innovation, technology, latest trends.


The MTrading logo is made up of three key elements: the letter “M”, triangles and the purple colour. Each element is distinct and significant to the identity of the MTrading brand. 

The Letter “M”

M stands for motivate, mobilize and manage. 

  • Motivate people to trade Forex. 

  • Mobilize the best tools to equip traders. 

  • Manage relationships with customers and their expectations. 


Like pieces of a puzzle, the interconnecting triangles represent the intricacies of Forex. Whether it’s having the right trading conditions, tools or information, MTrading connects all the pieces together and makes everything fit into place, giving our customers a solid trading experience.


Combining the dynamism of Red and the calmness of Blue, Purple is recognized as the colour of good judgment, a character trait that is crucial for any trader. Purple is also the colour of royalty, representing our special attitude to our customers and the color of success.

MTrading Vision

We believe that everyone can be successful. Our vision is to empower our customers with the most powerful set of tools available, and application skills to make intelligent trading decisions.

MTrading Mission

We aim to be a leading global provider to every type of financial markets.  We are committed to providing the right training and education, competitive trading terms, an engaged trading community, excellent service and quality support to ensure a fulfilling trading experience for our customers.

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